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Jeff Gasaway | Lafayette Indiana Investment Advisor

Who is  BlueSafe Financial?

BlueSafe Financial is a team of Independent, Financial Advisors founded by Jeff Gasaway. The corporate office is located in Lafayette, Indiana, however we are registered to service clients throughout the United States. 

What is a Fee Only firm?

Most brokers charge a commission for every trade placed in your account.  As a fee-only firm, we do not charge transaction fees or commissions. Our firm charges a small percentage of the value of your account as a management fee.  The fee will actually increase or decrease along with the value of the account.  So, if you’ve ever wanted your advisor to have skin in the game, you need a fee-only advisor. 

What is an Independent Advisor?

Independent advisors are not limited to offering “proprietary” products or using “preferred” vendors.  And we do not earn commissions, bonuses, or free trips for meeting corporate goals.  This limits the conflicts that come with recommending financial products,  and ensures the best interests of clients always come first.

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Accessible & Flexible

We offer countless tools and products that work for you.  You will have 24/7 access to your investment accounts through our online portal and our smartphone app.  There you will find our research, calculators,  investing tools and ideas, as well as a personal BlueSafe advisor that’s available to answer questions and address concerns.

Experienced Advisors

BlueSafe advisors are experienced in a wide range of investment options. Jeff Gasaway, our founder, leads our team and truly believes in providing financial education resources and independent financial strategies for clients.

Free Initial Consultation

Our initial meeting is an hour long confidential, no obligation discussion. We’ll get to know you and gather information on your spending and saving habits, current investments, goals and risk tolerance. We’ll create a report and follow-up in a 2nd meeting to determine what steps to take moving forward.