About Us

We are Investment Advisors.

BlueSafe Financial was founded in Lafayette, Indiana as an Independent, fee-only financial practice. We provide free no-obligation consultations, and do not charge commissions.  Our goal is to simply find the best products available to help meet your goals.  Today, we service clients in several states and plan to continue expanding to better serve those in need of experienced advisors they can trust.  Click here to meet the TEAM.


Relationships are TOP priority:

BlueSafe was founded with the mindset that relationships are our top priority. This is why you will see the phrase “Strong relationships are the foundation of every successful partnership” throughout our materials.  Family always comes first, and because we consider our clients family, we will do what it takes to provide quality service and assistance to care for their investments needs.

When clients have questions or need guidance, BlueSafe financial advisors take the time to understand each client’s goals. This enables us to dive deeper and effectively assist with budgeting, income planning, and working towards long- and short-term objectives.  Being and Independent firm, we can provide unbiased advice and product solutions while creating customized portfolios for each client we serve.


From beginning-investors to seasoned veterans, we can help you pursue your goals:

Whether you have sophisticated estate planning needs and are in need of an experienced advisor, or this is your first experience with investing, we are prepared to handle your matters while keeping your risks, knowledge, and goals at the forefront. Helping clients work towards their goals is rewarding and we are committed to taking the time necessary to design and implement portfolio strategies for each client’s unique needs.

We don’t expect you to be the expert.

Blue Safe Financial provides clients with financial education, support and strategies to reach their goals.

Your information is confidential.

We value your relationship as much as your privacy and security. Your finances, needs, and portfolio are your concern and yours alone. Your personal information will never be shared with an outside party.

Consultations are free and without obligation.

Before committing to BlueSafe, our advisors will take time to help you understand why we make the decisions we do so that you can feel confident in our work and working with our team.

Our advisors are always there for you.

Whether you have a question or are faced with a major life-changing event, we will be there for you. Adding a member to the family, making a career change, losing loved ones, and many other life-altering events can take their toll financially, but BlueSafe will be there to guide you through those times.

We're an independent fiduciary firm.

Unlike a franchised investment firm, our advisors have the liberty to offer advice and construct portfolios without any influence or bias from a corporate office. This allows us to keep clients’ needs and goals at the forefront.

We’ll help you feel educated and informed about your financial future.


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