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BlueSafe Financial works with 74 lines of insurance and has access to many different insurance solutions. Ask your advisor about an insurance plan that works best for you and your business.

Insurance Business Solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Buy-sell solutions*
  • Business succession solutions*
  • Business overhead protection*
  • Commercial Insurance (General liability, Worker’s Comp, etc.)*
  • Employee benefits*
  • Key employee insurance*

Insuring your business provides security not just for future business growth, but for your employees, customers and clients. Business insurance policies are created to work for you and provide business owners confidence as they set out on new ventures and not have to worry about unexpected incidents or unanticipated losses. Connect with a BlueSafe Financial advisor to put together and plan with set insurance solutions that work to meet your unique business needs.

Employee Insurance Benefits

Providing your employees with benefits doesn’t have to be complicated.


Offering benefits to your staff gives them added security and options when considering where and who they want to work for. Having employee benefits in place helps keep both them and your business protected in the event of the unexpected. Contact a BlueSafe advisor to set an employee benefits plan in place.

Benefit options can include:

  • Critical illness*
  • Disability*
  • Health*
  • Life
Get Business Insurance | BlueSafe Financial

Buy-sell & Business Succession Solutions

Ensure that your company survives the loss of a business partner.


Sleep easy knowing your business is protected even when something unexpected occurs. Buy-sell agreements can be made between co-owners and gives the surviving owner direction on how to go about handling finances and the dissolution of the partnership.

Establishing these business protections can help provide financial security and longevity to your business.

Get Business Insurance | BlueSafe Financial

Key Employee Insurance

Finding the right people is hard, so make retaining them easy.


Provide business security in the event of a key employee’s untimely death by considering the company’s future and the impact that individual has on day-to-day work activities.

By considering the importance of key employees, investors and business owners can put appropriate protections in place to ensure in the event of the unexpected, the business does not become compromised.

Get Business Insurance | BlueSafe Financial

Business Overhead Protection

Give your business the protection it deserves in the event of disability.


You’ve worked hard to establish your business and grow it to where it is today. Insurance options are available to protect your business overhead expenses when the owner suffers from an unexpected disability.

This policy can help pay for day-to-day operations and keep the company running even in the midst of a debilitating disability. This policy can help pay employee payroll, rent, utilities, taxes and other accrued business expenses.

Feel educated and informed about your financial future.


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Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.