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BlueSafe provides a personalized consultation service that accommodates all levels of investment experience. 

The Consultation and Strategy process is simple yet thorough: First, we will spend whatever time is needed to get to know you and your goals. Then, we will schedule a follow-up meeting where we will present you with a customized strategy for moving forward.

Your Personal Strategy may include:

  • Investment and Retirement Planning
  • Portfolio design and strategy
  • Income planning for retirees
  • Budgeting and Financial goal-setting

At some point, most of us realize that our formal education has not prepared us for the financial realities of life.   How do you afford to raise a family; buy a home; pay for college; AND prepare for retirement?    We’ve helped many of our clients meet these questions head-on by helping them develop a plan tailored to their unique situation.

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Your Free Consultation

Are you ready to have a conversation about your finances?

We understand how difficult it can be to have that first conversation, as a result, we will work hard to earn, and keep, your trust. 

We will begin with an evaluation of your current situation,  then we will help you define your goals for the future. 

Finally, we will prepare a plan and advise you on a strategy for success. 

During the financial review, be prepared to discuss:

  • Income and budget
  • Mortgage, loans and credit cards
  • Current investments and portfolio
  • Plans for Retirement
  • Financial Goals

Remember, whether you decide to work with us, or not, we promise that you will walk away from your free consultation with valuable insight and a growing sense of control over your future. 

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Investment Strategy

Not sure where to begin?

BlueSafe Financial provides investment strategy and consultation services to both individuals and businesses.  

 We have experience working  with financial portfolios totaling in the thousands to several million.  Your personalized strategy will be based on your stage of life, your risk tolerance, and your individual goals. 

After your free consultation with one of our advisors, you will have the option to become a client and receive an individualized investment strategy.

If you decide not to partner with us, a customized investment plan is still available for a one time fee.

Either way, we promise, you will leave our office with valuable information and feeling that your time with us was well spent.

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BlueSafe Financial Consultation | Lafayette Indiana Financial Planning

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