Retirement Income Strategies

Do you have a Retirement Income Strategy?

As you transition into retirement, it’s important to develop a realistic retirement income strategy to be certain that your nest-egg will last as long as you do. In the high earning years, you have time on your side and can afford to take greater risks in hope of greater rewards.  But during retirement, your focus turns toward producing income and preservation of principle. 

Of course there are many factors to consider when developing your retirement budget and income strategy:

  • Mortgage and other debts
  • Living expenses
  • Travel goals
  • Health concerns
  • Inflation and taxes
  • Social Security  and other income
  • Etc.

If you are retiring soon, we will help you develop an income plan that meets your individual goals. And if you are already living in retirement, we would be happy to offer recommendations for improving your current income strategy.

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Retirement Planning | BlueSafe Financial

Wealth and money management

When is the last time you talked to your advisor?

Regular updates are an important aspect to healthy money management. With a BlueSafe advisor, you can count on quarterly reports, an annual face-to-face meeting and availability throughout the year to speak on the phone.

Our advisors are routinely monitoring your portfolio and making adjustments if necessary to be sure your short- and long-term goals are being met.

Retirement Planning | BlueSafe Financial

Annuities (fixed and indexed)

Want a guaranteed stream of income to last your retirement?

As you plan ahead for your retirement and budget your monthly and annual income, you want to make sure you have plenty of money set aside to meet your lifestyle goals. Annuities are one way you can supplement your income with fixed monthly payouts that operate similar to bank CDs.

BlueSafe advisors can discuss fixed and indexed annuity options as a retirement income option for you.

529 Plans
529 Plans

Give your grandchildren the gift of a college education

Tuition is increasing year after year so planning ahead with a 529 plan can give your grandchildren the financial assistance they need when the time comes to think about college. These plans are tax advantaged and meant to be used towards tuition and other education expenses.

Your advisor can discuss different fund options, outcomes and what plan works best for your family.

Feel educated and informed about your financial future.


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